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Lotus Property Services, Inc.
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Property Management in Pasadena, CA, Built for Your Success

Happy clients from all over the globe trust Lotus Property Services to maximize their rental income on over $1B of real estate assets. Our experienced Pasadena property managers are dedicated to your success.

We Help You Maximize Your Rental Income

Cutting-Edge Property Management in Pasadena for Over 15 Years

Get the cost-savings and efficiency of the latest innovations in property management combined with a people-first approach to client and tenant satisfaction.

For over 15 years, successful rental property owners in Pasadena have relied on Lotus Property Services for comprehensive, worry-free, 100% transparent property management services.


No Upfront or Hidden Property Management Fees

You should only pay for results. That’s why we never charge upfront fees. You should also know exactly what you’re paying for. That’s why we offer clear, up-front pricing.


You’re Never Locked Into a Contract

Unlike other Pasadena property management companies, we don’t believe in long-term contracts. You’ll love our property management services each and every month.


Optimized Portfolio Investment Strategies

We handle all the day-to-day aspects of property management with stellar results. But it’s our insights and experience that really boost your real estate portfolio.

Full-Service Pasadena Property Management Company

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the confidence of knowing your real estate assets are performing their best. Our professional property managers handle everything for you while keeping you informed and in control. Your success is our success and we manage your investment property portfolio as if it were our own.


Multifamily Investment Property Experts

We manage over 2,500 multifamily units from duplexes and triplexes to apartment buildings with 8+ units, along with exceptional single-family property management.


Rental Property Maintenance

Our clients love how easy we make it to own rental properties. Our property managers handle all maintenance requests 24/7. You save money and have happier tenants.


12-Month Tenant Guarantee

We will replace your tenant at no cost if a resident we screen and place needs to be evicted within the first year. Our tenant screening process works.


Dynamic Property Marketing Strategies

We use innovative marketing techniques to ensure that your property gets the best exposure and attracts a large pool of the highest-quality tenants.


Diverse Team of Property Managers

Our Pasadena property managers can provide services in multiple languages to provide the best possible property management to you and your tenants.


Prompt Communication & 100% Transparency

You’ll get quick answers and have 24/7 access to real-time financial and property data through our online owner’s portal. Plus, easy-to-read monthly reports.

Find Out How Much Your Pasadena, CA Property Could Rent For

Maximize Your Rental Income

About Lotus Property Services, Inc. in Pasadena, CA

Lotus Property Services, Inc. is one the most innovative property management companies in Pasadena, CA. Founded in 2006, we have over 15 years of experience managing income properties.

We manage over $1B in real estate assets for our clients across the Greater Los Angeles area, including more than 2,500 units in multifamily properties.

From single-family rentals to commercial multifamily properties, and from accidental landlords to experienced property investors, our Pasadena property management company is designed to optimize every unit in your portfolio.

Highly-Rated Property Management Company in Pasadena, CA

Highly-Rated Property Management Company in Pasadena, CA

Our clients and the tenants we manage have awarded our property management company a 4.5-star Google rating.

a google review about our property management services
a google review about our property management services

Ron L.

Over the many years we have been renters, [Lotus] has always been friendly and very responsive to all of our issues and maintenance requests…always been reachable, dependable and always follows through for us!

A google review about working with one of our property managers
A google review about working with one of our property managers

Ashley P.

I feel so blessed to live in a wonderful place managed by Lotus Property Services. They really do go above and beyond. I am regularly impressed and pleasantly surprised by their wonderful service, attentiveness, and care.

A review regarding our property management skills
A review regarding our property management skills

Louis L.

Brian, the President of Lotus, is a very pleasant, knowledgeable, and capable person..I would certainly recommend any landlord that is thinking of hiring a management company to consider Lotus very highly.

Pasadena Rental Management Loved By Property Owners

For over 15 years, hundreds of property owners and investors have benefited from using our property management services in Pasadena, CA.


Strong Community Ties in LA County

We are committed to helping Pasadena rental property owners in the area by leveraging our well-established network in the community.


Superior Owner-Client Customer Service

Our property managers have years of experience managing single-family homes, multifamily properties, and other rental properties throughout Pasadena.


Effective Property Management Solutions

Our experienced property managers are trained to quickly identify issues and develop appropriate solutions to help your passive rental income grow.


Competitive Property Management Fees

Our competitive pricing structure is designed to help maximize your rental returns while minimizing costs associated with the management of your investment.


Exceed Your Investment Property Goals

We strive to deliver the highest-quality service to Pasadena rental property owners. Our property management team will work closely with you to meet your goals and objectives.


Trusted Pasadena Property Management Partner

Knowing that your property is managed by a company you trust allows you to relax and enjoy the passive income from owning an investment property.

Find Out How Much Your Pasadena, CA Property Could Rent For

Maximize Your Rental Income

Our approach is simple yet effective—we provide a comprehensive, 100% worry-free solution that meets all of your property management requirements. From tenant selection, rent collection, and property maintenance to financial reporting, budgeting, and more—we have it all covered.

Lotus Property Services strives to be a leader in the property management industry by staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and customer service.

Our property management company believes that when owners, tenants, and our team work together towards a common goal, the result is higher rental income, happier tenants, and an exceptional experience for everyone.

Full-Service Property Management in Pasadena, CA

Should You Buy An Investment Property in Pasadena, CA?

Located in Los Angeles County, and as part of the Southern California and Greater Los Angeles real estate market, Pasadena, CA, is a fantastic place to own rental properties. With high rents and high demand, investment properties in Pasadena offer the potential for big returns.

With its diverse and thriving economy, Pasadena is an excellent choice for those wanting to invest in both residential and commercial properties. The city’s near-perfect climate also helps attract potential renters, making it easier for landlords to fill vacancies quickly.

In short, Pasadena’s strong economy, diverse attractions, and stable rental market are all solid draws for investors and landlords. With all these advantages and more, Pasadena is an ideal place to buy investment properties.

Especially when you combine a great cash flow opportunity with the proven real estate management of Lotus Property Services. Our comprehensive rental management includes tenant screening, adherence to all fair housing laws, staying up-to-date with California landlord-tenant laws, and always doing more than expected to deliver the best property management in Pasadena and Los Angeles County.

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