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Lotus Property Services, Inc.
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Glendale Property Management

Enjoy passive income, peace of mind and freedom from managing your rental properties once and for all with the best choice among property management companies in Glendale, CA.

Find Out If You Are Maximizing Your Investment’s Potential

Protect Your Investment & Maximize Your Passive Income

With over 15 years of Glendale property management experience, our team of professionals is well-equipped to save you time and money on managing your rental property and help you reach your real estate investment goals.


4.6 Star Rating

With nearly 500 client and tenant reviews on Google, it’s easy to see that we focus on white-glove service, positive results, and client satisfaction.


Customized Services

Whether you’re an accidental landlord with a single-family property or a seasoned investor with multifamily units, we’re happy to tailor our property management services to meet your needs.


1st Month Free

We want to earn your trust and business, so there’s no upfront fees and your 1st month of your Glendale property management is on us.

We Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Glendale Property

Our team of experienced proactive Glendale property managers ensures your rental properties are constantly rented, protected, and preserved, your cash flow is steady, and your goals are accomplished.


Effective Rental Property Marketing

Using reliable market data and proven systems, we will recommend the best rental rate for your property and strategically list it on top rental sites to find an ideal tenant for you.


Timely Rent Collection & Owner Payments

Tenants have the convenience of paying rent online which ensures quick disbursements to owners and eliminates cash flow issues.


Unrivaled Property Oversight

We maintain your home with the utmost care and detail. Maintenance and repairs are done quickly and cost-effectively as vital property management services for increased property value, long-term tenancy and your overall satisfaction.


Meticulous Financial Reporting

With our property management, you will have 24/7 access to the Owner Online Portal where you can quickly see everything that pertains to your Glendale property – accounting statements, inspection reports, lease agreements and more.


Compliance With the Laws

There are numerous local, state and federal laws that landlords must abide by. As your property manager, we stay current on all the rules and regulations ensuring that you and your rental property are on the right side of the law.


Eviction Services

Our eviction rate is extremely low – less than .5%! That’s because we thoroughly screen every qualified applicant and negotiate with tenants in default of their lease prior to filing a formal eviction.

Find Out How Much Your Glendale, CA Property Could Rent For

Get Help Renting & Managing Your Glendale Property – No Risk. Cancel At Any Time.

About Lotus Property Services, Inc.

Dedicated Professionals. Local Expertise. Unparalleled Results.

Founded in 2006, Lotus Property Services, Inc. is one of the most innovative property management companies in Glendale, CA.

We are no ordinary property manager. Our property managers specialize in helping owners of single-family residences and 8+ multi-family units proficiently manage all aspects of their properties. Whether you’re an accidental landlord, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you save significant time and money with our property management services. While we also handle commercial properties, our focus right now is on residential properties.

Choose an Expert Property Manager

Our great attention to detail, world-class customer service and proven marketing strategies have made Lotus Property Services the perfect choice for Glendale property owners and investors with all levels of experience.

Our highly skilled team uses a holistic approach to property management. We are both the art and science behind successful Glendale property management and investments. No rental property is too big or small to benefit from our proven systems, expertise and collaboration.

Our client-centric approach, property management expertise and real estate investment wisdom get you the stellar results you want year after year.

Dedicated Professionals. Local Expertise. Unparalleled Results.


Expect Only The Best From Lotus Property Services In Glendale

a google review about our property management services
a google review about our property management services

Xzavia White

I really love the property and the professionalism of management.. the management team is very professional helpful patient and most importantly they care about us the renters.

A google review about working with one of our property managers
A google review about working with one of our property managers

Celina Sarmiento

Started renting last year and very pleased with the responsiveness of the company. Asking for maintenance and paying rent are extremely convenient with their tenant portal.

A review regarding our property management skills
A review regarding our property management skills

Jaclyn Fernandez

My husband and I have enjoyed living in our first apartment. Lotus property management has always responded promptly and made it easy to contact them. Neighbors seem happy too.

Why Rental Property Owners in Glendale Choose Us

Hundreds of Glendale Owners and Investors Like You Choose Us to Help Build Wealth Strategically and Profitably


Unrivaled Expertise

Lotus’s co-owners bring a wealth of real estate investment knowledge and experience to the table. They and their dream team have grown Lotus to include 2,500+ multi-family units and over $1B of investment real estate.


Multilingual Staff

We have a multilingual team that enables us to work with people with diverse backgrounds. Our all-inclusive approach to Glendale property management bodes well for owners and investors alike.


Quick Response & Communication

Communication is the key to success, so our response time is lightning fast whether it be for questions, concerns or problems. We go the extra mile in high-touch customer service for both owners and residents.


White-Glove Service

Our team is committed to excellence in everything we do. We will meet your needs and exceed your expectations at every turn. Just read our excellent reviews and then see for yourself!


Maximize Your ROI

We leverage the power of state-of-the-art technology, proven systems and outstanding teamwork to ensure your properties are managed successfully and your returns are optimized.

Find Out How Much Your Glendale, CA Property Could Rent For

Get Help Renting & Managing Your Glendale Property – No Risk. Cancel At Any Time.

Rental Property Market in Glendale, CA

Glendale, California, boasts a rich history dating back to the 1880s. Initially an agricultural area known for citrus groves, the arrival of the Pacific Electric Railway spurred its development as a streetcar suburb of Los Angeles.

Glendale’s transformation continued in the mid-20th century with the establishment of the Lockheed Corporation, attracting a significant workforce and fostering its growth. Today, Glendale is a thriving city with a population exceeding 200,000 residents.

The current housing market in Glendale presents a compelling opportunity for real estate investors. The city offers a diverse housing stock, with a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and condos. This caters to a broad demographic, including families, young professionals, and retirees seeking a convenient location close to amenities.

The City of Glendale is in the Verdugo Mountains region of Los Angeles County

Glendale’s proximity to Los Angeles and Burbank adds to its appeal, attracting renters who work in these major employment hubs but desire a more relaxed suburban environment. The combination of a diverse housing market, steady population growth, and strategic location makes Glendale a market worth considering for rental property investors seeking a balance between rental income and long-term appreciation potential.

No doubt, rentals can generate cash flow and build wealth but only if you truly understand the current market conditions and work with knowledgeable professionals you can trust.

Work With Our Local Glendale Property Management Team

The Lotus team is ready to manage all aspects of your Glendale property with the same kind of integrity and professionalism we would want for our own properties. Our goal is to make your investment as profitable as possible and to have a win-win partnership with you now and for years to come.

Give us a call today to discuss your property and investment goals with our knowledgeable staff. You’ll quickly see why Lotus Property Services, Inc. is the leading property management company in Glendale, California.

Ready To Get Top Tenants, Stellar Property Management & Maximum Profits? Contact Lotus Property Services, Inc. Today!

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