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Lotus Property Services, Inc.

Avoid the headaches of managing tenants & repairs

Los Angeles Property Management That Solves Challenges Owners Face

Our goal is to provide owners and tenants with the absolute best property management experience they’ve ever had.
Our passionate team and efficient systems create a synergy that maximizes your profits year after year.


a google review about our property management services
a google review about our property management services

Xzavia White

I really love the property and the professionalism of management.. the management team is very professional helpful patient and most importantly they care about us the renters.

A google review about working with one of our property managers
A google review about working with one of our property managers

Celina Sarmiento

Started renting last year and very pleased with the responsiveness of the company. Asking for maintenance and paying rent are extremely convenient with their tenant portal.

A review regarding our property management skills
A review regarding our property management skills

Jaclyn Fernandez

My husband and I have enjoyed living in our first apartment. Lotus property management has always responded promptly and made it easy to contact them. Neighbors seem happy too.

Superior Service Is Our Foundation

As the top property management company in Los Angeles, we are well-equipped to help you achieve all your property management and investment goals. Our team is driven and passionate about serving your best interests at every stage of the process.

Whether you’re an accidental landlord or a single-family resident owner with one property or a seasoned investor with multiple doors, we can provide the customized management solutions you need to minimize stress and build wealth.

We specialize in both single-family homes and multifamily housing. Our team’s expertise and strong communities enable us to manage 8+ multifamily properties and commercial real estate. From marketing, leasing and tenant management to property oversight, repairs and evictions, you have our commitment to high-touch customer service and excellence every step of the way.

The Energy You Put Out Comes Back to You

4.44.4 Star Rating on Google From 200+ Reviews
2,500 +We Manage Over 2,500+ Multifamily Residential Units
$1BOur Portfolio Is Valued At Over $1B

Excellent Tenant Placement

Extensive Tenant Screening

We eliminate any potential bad tenants right from the start with our thorough tenant screening including background checks on their credit, income, criminal history, prior rentals and more.

Complete Tenant Management

These day-to-day tasks can be tedious and time-consuming. We take that burden off your shoulders and handle tenant questions, problems, maintenance requests and more.

Speedy Evictions

Even with a 0.5% eviction rate, sometimes one is necessary. We know exactly how the lengthy process works and we’ll a high-quality replacement tenant in your property before you know it.

Find Out How Much Your Home Will Rent For


Need to Relocate and Selling Isn’t an Option?

If you need to relocate quickly because of a new job, a military deployment, having to care for a family member or for some other reason and selling your home is not an option, our property management services are an excellent alternative.

We have a team of property management professionals in Los Angeles ready to be your eyes and ears when you’re away to ensure your home is well-maintained, protected and making you money every month.

We will manage your property like it’s our own — with the utmost care and attention — so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands with trustworthy property managers.

Relocation Solutions Second to None

Research & Set Rent

We will research market data in your area and evaluate your home to determine the best and highest rental rate for your property.

Unrivaled Property Oversight

We’ll maintain your home with the utmost care and detail. Maintenance and repairs are done right, quickly and cost-effectively so you never have to worry when you’re away.

Dynamic Property Marketing

Using professional photos and videos, we will list your property on high traffic rental and social media sites to find a high-quality tenant as fast as possible.


We believe so strongly in providing an all-around exceptional experience for owners, investors and renters that we offer the best guarantees in the area. You won’t find this level of Leasing, Tenant and Management Guarantees anywhere else.

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We don’t just talk the talk; we also walk the walk starting with your 1st month on us. Actions speak louder than words and we want to earn your trust and your business.


We won’t charge a placement fee until we secure a tenant. Worried about hidden charges? You won’t find them here because we operate with integrity and transparency.


If you despise long-term contracts that lock you in and make you feel stuck, you won’t have to worry about that with us because we offer month-to-month agreements.


If a tenant we place defaults on their lease within the first 12 months, we will find a replacement renter for FREE.

We Provide White Glove Service For Every Client

Your current property manager never answers the phone, returns your calls or replies to your emails. The repairs they make are low quality and high priced. They don’t do a good job maintaining your home and those periodic inspections they said they would do don’t happen either. They just don’t care about you or your property. Sound familiar? We hear that from owners all the time.

The good news is that when you team up with us, you won’t have to put up with such carelessness and incompetence anymore.

We’ve been in business since 2006 and we have our clients’ best interests at heart. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be in business for as long as we have, we wouldn’t have over 2,500 multifamily residential units and we wouldn’t have a 4.5-star rating on Google. Your success is our success, and you can be assured of personalized service in everything we do.

Things to Look For in a Good Property Manager

If you’re not 100% sure that your current property manager is doing a good job, then they’re probably not. There’s a reason why Lotus Property Services is the leading property management company in the Greater Los Angeles area… Because excellence is our standard of practice in everything we do, and we will not compromise on that.



Make sure the property manager is easily available and responsive in case you or your tenant has a question, problem or emergency.

Setting & Collecting Rent

Setting & Collecting Rent

A property manager must have knowledge of the local market and perform solid research on the most recently rented comparables to determine the best rental rate for your property.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Review how they process payments from the tenant as well as how they transfer the money to you. Be aware of any fees charged or costs you weren’t expecting.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

They should provide monthly statements showing your property income/ expenses and receipts for any maintenance/repairs performed, items replaced or bills/taxes paid.

Property Inspections

Property Inspections

You are paying the management company to be your eyes and ears and it’s very important that they are strict about scheduling regular inspections and following through on them.



The company you hire will be managing one of your biggest assets and the last thing you want to do is make your decision based solely on who charges the lowest fees.

Maximized Return on Your Investment

With high-tech systems, proven strategies and an amazing team of professionals, we ensure your property is managed proficiently and your return on investment is maximized.

Transparent Financial Reporting Our top-notch accounting team provides detailed monthly statements and year-end reports while helping you reduce expenses and increase profits.

Convenient Online Owner Portal Our state-of-the-art technology allows owner access anytime, from anywhere, to view real-time accounting records, current maintenance and repair issues, or to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Why Owners & Investors Choose Us To Manage Their LA Properties


Too many other property managers lack communication, reliability and follow-through. We guarantee we’re not that guy — just read our excellent reviews and see for yourself!

Your Satisfaction is
Our Top Priority

A happy owner and tenant is the best business strategy of all, and we wouldn’t have a 4.5-star rating on Google if our clients weren’t thrilled with our services.

Legal Compliance

We know landlord-tenant laws at the local, state and federal level and we ensure that you and your property are compliant in every way. Not only does that expertise reduce landlord liability, it’s also a service that’s priceless.

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